Thanks for checking out our website! Ill Repute was born several years ago, by a small group of contract surveyors who formed a loose working relationship, assisting each other to find contracts, sharing knowledge and skills, and generally operating as a type of unofficial ‘syndicate’. Our formula has been successful in providing us with financial returns far greater than those we were receiving when working through employment agency channels. We find the use of such companies expensive and unnecessary. Surveyors working on the coalface are in the best position to source employment opportunities for other surveyors, and to take advantage of a remuneration structure like that presently used by Ill Repute.



Our model is quite different from that of commercial human resource companies around Australia, and we make no apologies for that. Whereas they provide the service of a ‘middleman”, the main objective being to maximise profits, Ill Repute is a NON-PROFIT organisation ! That’s right, we don’t make any profit !! At the end of each financial year, profits are distributed back to the workers on a pro-rata basis, related to each individual’s annual earnings. That’s right, NON-PROFIT !! All profits end up where they belong – in the pockets of the people doing the work. How about this? You set your rates. As an individual contractor, you tell us what your rates are. Perhaps they change depending on such factors as contract duration, location, complexity, roster, equipment, family commitments or any other variables which you see important in determining your rates. We will offer prospective employers a choice of “Ill Reputees” depending upon the requirements and financial constraints of each client. At the end of the day, be prepared to accept an increase in gross earnings often far in excess of 30% !! Imagine what you could do with that cash !!! Now that has got to make your job far more enjoyable !! We believe another of our greatest assets is that we are effectively a database of knowledge. Our senior surveyors take on the role of ‘mentors’ to our junior and less experienced surveyors. Our website has a ‘forum’ function which we encourage Ill Reputees to use for sharing valuable experience and skills.